Friday, June 23, 2023

Have a Delightful Day - compliments of Altenew!

Hi there, friends!  I picked up this gorgeous new Altenew Delightful Day floral from Doodlebugs recently and after receiving it, realized it had been designed to be used with Altenew's Stampwheel.

I found a wonderful way to make it work for me in my MISTI - most of us have a MISTI and I can't imagine ever not needing it!

Here's a closeup of the gorgeous set:

Altenew Delightful Day

See that 'cross?' It is in the middle of the group of four floral layers that complete one finished bloom. I found a way to stamp those layers by turning a square of cardstock, instead of the stamp!

    Cut a square of copy paper 6x6 inches

    Fold the paper in half both ways which makes a cross in the center of the paper.  Tuck it into the bottom right corner of your MISTI and align the stamp's cross over top of the folded one on your paper.  [sorry my stamp is stained!]

Third: close the door on the MISTI and pick up the stamp.

Fourth: Replace the copy paper with your card stock square.

Now just choose your trio of inks and begin stamping rotating the paper with each layer! I went without the outline stamp this time.  Here's a tip I use for keeping the rotation pattern 
straight in my mind:

Make four blooms the exact same by using one set of inks for each - or mix it up as I did.  Just make sure you clean and dry those stamps with the palm of your hand between each stamping!!

Before removing the stamp, you can even go back and add a little more shading using a finger dauber as I did above with brown ink.

I then aligned the center detail stamp over one image, picked it up with my lid, and stamped it onto each bloom - easy peasy!

Okay!  Are you ready for my cards?? Completely different colors, but so pretty just the same... hope you agree!

Altenew's Delight Day stamp and die creates beautiful floral images.

Altenew's Delight Day stamp and die creates beautiful floral images.

The group of leaves in the set is stamped the same way, then I found a few other leaves in my Altenew stash that coordinate beautifully, stamped with their Nature's Wonders inks.

Altenew's Delight Day stamp and die creates beautiful floral images.

If you made it here to the end, and maybe learned a little something along the way, it would make me so happy!

Thanks so very much for stopping by and spending your weekend-eve with me here at Doodlebugs!
=] Michele

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  1. Clever girl, thanks for the tips. Gorgeous bloom and your card is stunning.

  2. GREAT tips and even better layered flowers Michele! Absolutely GORGEOUS cards!! :0)

  3. So clever to use this stamp perfectly with your MISTI! These stamps make beautiful flowers and the leaves go perfectly!

  4. Brilliant, thanks for sharing, I love the results xx

  5. Brilliant idea and beautiful colors for each!

  6. You aced this set without the Stampwheel! Beautiful cards, Michele and such pretty colors in your samples. Can't wait to see the cards you create with those blooms!

  7. So glad you figured it out, Michele. The flowers are lovely and I really love the sentiments.

  8. SOOOOO clever, Michele! Thanks for saving me some serious $$$. Can't wai to try this!

  9. How neat that you found a way to make the stamps work for you! But then, I always say how clever you are! LOVE the flowers and the cards you made. SO pretty! Thanks for sharing and all you do, Michele.

  10. There goes that briain again! I just received my Stampwheel BD gift (from Joe) yesterday. I can see exactly how it would work with these amazing stamps, and I am in awe that you figured out how to use them without the tool. Makes a lot of sense, but you figured it out. The flowers are majestic, and your card is incredible.

  11. So clever I never would have thought of that they look fabulous


  12. Thanks so much for sharing this genius idea ! Your flowers are beautiful

  13. Brilliant tips, thanks for sharing with us! I love the different colors you've made but the pink is my fave!