Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tuesday with Toni: MFT Cozy Companions

Oh, my, I will admit this card turned into two cards all because of you! My first card involved drawing in a background then it occurred to me you might want to see how a simpler version looked. Let's get started with the simpler card, shall we?

Both cards involved stamping and masking the MFT Cozy Companions set onto Strathmore Bristol Smooth using Versafine Onyx Black. Oh, but look, I had smudgy fingers--what a surprise . . . not!

I didn't start over but instead used a Tombow Mono Sand Eraser to gently scrub the smudge away.  Gently is the key word here. You can always erase a little more. And now you can't see the mark any more on the card. Woo hoo!

I used Zig 096, 072, 065, 092, 044, 029, 060, 010, 050, 052 on this card. I used lots of blue-gray (092) for the background and general shadows.

I added Enamel Accents to the MFT Merry Wishes trees on the mantel, figuring this card works for either a holiday or winter card.

For the other card, you can see exactly when it occurred to me to show my process of drawing in the background.  Ha!  I added planks using a ruler and a Copic Multiliner. I randomly added the lines and specks. I water colored the wall and fox then decided to add a rug.

I used Zig 060, 260, 901, 900, 044, 050, 052, 096, 065, 075, 010, 072, and 092. Lots of warm browns on this one.  And LOTS of shadow. I went back numerous times to add additional shadow layers--totally worth the time.

Notice I added lines to the rug, ala braided rug, trying to mimic Stacey Yacula's choppy line style. I did this right before coloring it, hoping the lines would help hide that the rug isn't quite at the right perspective. Yup!

Now check this out.  That sentiment? That's the second one. The first I had embossed in the same area in white but hated it.  I used my magical Tombow Mono Sand Eraser to scrub away the embossed lines then stamped right over it with the same sentiment and Versafine Onyx Black.

You can also see where my initial stamping of the Versafine was perfect but then my smudgy fingers came into play.  Tombow Mono Sand Eraser to the rescue again. You can still see some of the remaining smudge on "Have a J" but far better than it was.

I love how well the cabin card turned out I will be framing it and hanging it for Christmases to come. Wait! With that sentiment I could leave it up for another month or two after that. Sweet!

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  1. To my amateur eyes, these are absolute masterpieces, perspective be damned! All eyes will be focused on your fabulous colouring and jaws will be dropping over the hand drawn wall and rug. Delightful scenes!

    1. Thank you Andre! We are amazed by Toni's talent too and appreciate the sweet comment!

  2. These are fabulous! Well done, Toni!