Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wooden Bangles

Last week we received an assortment of wooden bangles.  We've all been having fun decorating and embellishing them with our own unique styles.  Be sure to stop in for a look at each of them.

Here's a peek at my finished bangle.

Today, I'm sharing the process for creating my bangle.  I love stencils and modeling paste (love the texture) so I started there. 

I used a stencil to add modeling paste to the bangle and allowed it to dry.  You can speed the drying process up with your heat tool.  However, be careful that it doesn't get too hot.  The modeling paste will bubble if it gets too hot.

Once the paste was dry,  I painted the entire piece with white acrylic paint.

I painted the color onto the raised areas and let dry.  This process doesn't need to be "perfect". 

I then mixed some black acrylic paint with satin glazing fluid from Golden.  This extends the drying time of your paint.  I used approximately 1 part paint to three parts glazing fluid.  I brushed the mixture over the outside portion of the  bangle.  You can tape off the inside of the bangle if you like.  I was just extra careful not to get any inside.  I let the paint dry for approximately 2-3 minutes.  Then I used a baby wipe to remove the excess paint.  This process leaves the black paint down inside the cracks and in random places.

Let dry, and it's ready to wear!

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