Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kraft Boxes- Perfect for gift wrapping!

I love these simple kraft boxes we started carrying a few weeks ago.  They are the perfect size for cookies, mittens, bath salts, or any small little gift for someone special.  I used a toothbrush and some white paint to create a speckled effect on the box.  Then I took a strip of paper, wrapped it around the box, added some fibers, ribbon, and a tag.  So easy and so festive.

Want in on a little secret?  We are currently working on putting these together in kits.  You'll be able to get all of these festive "findings" in one little bag.  No need to purchase an entire roll of fibers, a bag of tags, eyelets or snowflakes. You won't even have to purchase the entire sheet of paper and cut it.  We'll have everything you need to wrap 6 boxes, all in one cute little bag.

Stay tuned for the details....

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