Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stenciled Canvas Tote

A few weeks ago we received a shipment of Fabric Paints.  We've all been playing the paints and can't wait to show you what we've been creating.  We have lots of creative projects and wonderful gift ideas to share. 

Summer isn't quite over yet.  However, the cooler evenings are a reminder that Fall is just around the corner.  Yippee!!  My favorite time of year!  To celebrate Fall, I thought I'd dress this canvas tote up with some colorful fall leaves.

I used the new So Soft fabric paint from DecoArt and a stencil from Crafter's Workshop.  I taped the stencil down with painters tape so that it wouldn't move while I applied the paint.  I also placed a piece of chipboard behind the canvas just in case the paint bled through.

I used a stiff stipple brush and a small amount of paint to apply the paint to the fabric.  It's best to use a "pouncing" motion vs. a brushing motion to apply the paint.  The brushing motion tends to push the paint under the stencil causing you to loose some of the detail.  Heavy amounts of paint on your brush can also cause this.  I recommend practicing this on a scrap piece of paper or fabric to familiarize yourself with the technique.

Super easy!  Give it a try on a tote, kitchen towel, fabric napkin, or even an article of clothing.  It's fun!

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