Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chair "Make Over" with Hazel and Ruby

I purchased this chair with the intention of transforming it into something fun and "artsy" for my studio.  That was several years ago! 

This past weekend, I decided to give it a new look with some paint, and Hazel and Ruby paper.

It was super easy and only required a few supplies!  I  used some spray paint I already had, Colllage Pauge, Hazel and Ruby paper (the over-sized sheets are perfect for projects like this), some painters tape, a craft knife, and a large paint brush.

 I taped off the feet with the painters tape and painted the metal parts with the spray paint.

I cut two pieces of the paper large enough to cover the seat and the back.  Then, applied a generous layer of Collage Pauge to the seat and placed the paper over the Collage Pauge.  I pressed the paper down with my hands, starting in the center and working my way to the edges.  I repeated this step until all the bubbles were removed and the paper was completely secure to the wooden seat.  I repeated the same steps for covering the back of the chair.

I used a craft knife to trim the paper along the edge of the seat and back, once the Collage Pauge was dry.  After trimming, I applied a layer of Collage Pauge to the top of the paper to seal it.


  1. WOW this is a great make~over, love what you've done, terrific colors and great throw pillow!

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Have a wonderful day.